My Eye as Art



~ by Jayleen on March 29, 2007.

9 Responses to “My Eye as Art”

  1. This photo is striking – it makes you look at you. The contrast between your blue eye and platinum hair is so vivid. This is a great opener for your site.

  2. Thank you… I don’t often work on people, but there was just something about this shot that made me want to do something more with it. It’s strange to know It’s my eye… it seems like just another art piece to me now. It’s almost haunting… I’ll be interested to get others takes on it.

    Thanks for coming over!!

  3. This is a really good picture, especially with the graininess you got on it (if that is even a word). I’ve seen people making photos similar to this in the photography class in my school but never have I seen one as stunning as this.

  4. It’s a texture effect. Makes it look like it’s printed on textured fine art paper.

    And thank you. 🙂

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  6. Hi the photos are beautiful and interresting.
    I remember how much fun it was taking fotos with my first camera.
    Your eye foto fooled me at first because I thought it was a fish when viewed in tiny format. say have you been to ft smith ark
    years ago, or recently, and do you love birds? keep up the good work

  7. I do like birds. I have some Egret photos and Sand Pipers.

    I can’t see the fish in my eye I guess because I know it’s my eye. Maybe if I hadn’t seen it before I might be able to see the fish.

    Interesting comment. And thank you for your compliments. 🙂

  8. Jayleen, I started searching for you again and i came upon these amazing photographs. This has to be you!! If it is please respond, I’d love to be back in touch.
    your old friend, teresa edwards klarfeld

  9. HI! When you last contacted me I was just recovering from surgery and my life was very chaotic. By the time I got around to trying to email you, it said your email didn’t exsist and my email came back as undeliverable.

    Yes, this is me all right. Things are going better as you can see.

    Send me an email to the addy on this site. 😉


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