From Photo to Digital Art…

This is a Yellow-eyed Purple Iris… or sometimes called blue-eyed grass. It is only an inch in diameter, but I have it printed 30×30 inches on Canvas… I also sat one day playing with it and turned into into the second picture… the flower was found along a trail to the beach and was one of only two blooms. I used to walk that trail a couple of times a week and never did see more than two of these blooms at a time. I didn’t know what it was so I had to go to the library and look through California wildflowers to find it. I was surprised to find it was an Iris. Go here to read about this flower.

CLICK to see full image…


Digital Painting of Yellow-Eyed Purple Iris


~ by Jayleen on March 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “From Photo to Digital Art…”

  1. Wow, what a lovely photo (and art) of Blue-eyed Grass! I agree that it doesn’t look much like an Iris (nor does the other non-Iris in the Iris family that I’ve seen in the Bay Area, Rosy Sandcrocus (see

    Great work!

  2. That one greatly resembles the Blue-eyes grass though. I just remember walking down that path and seeing the tiny splash of purple. I got on my knees to look closer and thought what a beautiful little flower! What I wish is that the full size of my work could be seen on this site. To get an idea of scope, visit my ‘Show at Bank of America’ post.

    Sometimes flowers are really hard to identify when you only have a photo of them. Same with insects. I still haven’t identified the the type of bee/hornet/fly on my white poppy.

    Thanks for your comments! Keep up the good work.

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