What’s in a crop?

Capturing the image is only the first step in Photography. Sometimes we get the image exactly how we want by simply clicking the shutter, but usually we end up cropping the image to suit.

 Here is an example of a batch of yellow flowers that I shot. Personally, I don’t like the group at all. This is one of those images that on first site I would simply dump. But I’ve learned to really look at my images to see if there is any potential at all. Some images can be saved by adjustments and some by cropping. This one was saved by cropping.



Or this… I love to offer my customers choices. Sometimes that can prove to be a sale ender because they simply can’t make up their mind and end up just choosing nothing, but usually it shows them that the image they love can be worked with to fit the space they have on their wall. Some like tall, some wide, and some square.


 So take another look at your images and see if there might be a great photo hiding in a so-so one. Happy hunting!


~ by Jayleen on April 5, 2007.

One Response to “What’s in a crop?”

  1. good tip.

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