I love shooting the tiny minutia of life. When I was a little girl I used to lay on my stomach on the ground and watch the ants look at their tiny world and wonder what it looks like from there. Today I shot with a great Canon Macro lens in my neighbor’s yard. Here are a few of the results.









~ by Jayleen on April 7, 2007.

6 Responses to “Macro…”

  1. Wow, all beautiful photos! I particularly like the abstract spininess of the 6th one – well seen! (I added one in between hence edited your comment to reflect the correct number ~ JB)

    Which Canon macro lens do you have? I have the 100mm f/2.8 and love it. The 180 f/3.5L would be great, but is well out of my price range until/unless I start making real money with photography!

    Also, while I’m asking questions 🙂 Do you use a flash? Your photos are all very well-lit, so I wonder if you use one of the macro ring lite flashes or the like?

    Anyways, great work!

  2. Canon MP-E 65mm F/2.8 1-5x for the above shots. LINK

    I use a flash if it’s appropriate and many times when shooting outdoor flowers for fill. Such as when the sun is at an angle or behind the subject.

    Macro shots are very difficult to light at times but I can get pretty creative with lighting. I’ve been known to hold a pen light in my teeth before… 😀 I suppose I should do a tutorial on that soon. There are many inexpensive options for lighting. I don’t have the ring, although I’d love to try it.

    Most flowers I clip and bring inside so I can set up the lighting myself. But these were shot in the neighbors garden. It was cloudy and I did use the built-in flash for most of them. There were a few shots I simply couldn’t take because there wasn’t enough light and I was too close to the subject/straight on for the flash to do any good.

    I was admiring her garden and she invited me to take some shots so I did! I’m very opportunistic that way! 😉

    And thank you!

  3. Oh cool, the MP-E has always intrigued me. I don’t know if I can justify it, though, as it’s really quite specialized, even moreso than the 100 or 180mm macros! It would be nice to go beyond 1:1, though perhaps I’ll get a set of tubes since they’re much cheaper and I can use ’em on any of my better lenses if I don’t want to lug the macro around.

    The MP-E is obviously a very capable lens, at least in your hands. I can only imagine how lighting & DOF control would be tricky at 5:1 mags!

  4. The MP-E has a learning curve to it. It’s very difficult use without an extremely stable tripod. It’s quite heavy as well. But it can really magnify!

    And yes, lighting and DOF are definitely issues. I’ll try to take some 5x shots this week and post them.

  5. hi what are u doing i am one of your number one fan.Ok.

  6. I have a fan… 😉

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