I just wanted to know

what kind of bird was up on the wire and had my camera in my hand with my telephoto lens… so I just clicked a quick shot. Then when I opened it on the computer I really liked it. The focus is a little soft as this is the far end of the zoom for this lens, Sigma 28-300 (if you can afford it, stick with Canon). 

Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire closeup


~ by Jayleen on April 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “I just wanted to know”

  1. Hi Jayleen, That looks like a House Finch to me: http://www.adampaul.com/gallery/Birds/Fringilline%20and%20Cardueline%20Finches%20and%20Allies/House%20Finch/index.html
    Could be a Purple Finch perhaps, I’m not knowledgeable about the differences between the two.

  2. Looks just like him. Only yours are much clearer! 😉 We have an array of birds including Mexican Parrots here. So I always like to turn my camera in their direction to see what they are. I thought it was a sparrow, but didn’t know of any red-headed ones.

    Oh, and there’s a (rats, I can’t think of what it’s actually called) water area near this neighborhood and I’m going to take my camera there. I saw some Egrets and hope to find some other ocean/water birds.

    Thanks for the info! You’re really the go-to guy for identification. 🙂

  3. You should have some good birding in the San Diego area – I keep meaning to find out where one birds there myself, since my sister lives in the area and I’m there a couple times a year.

    Don’t take any of my IDs as gospel – I reserve the right to often be wrong 🙂

  4. This is really beautiful. The soft focus actually adds to rather than detracts from the beauty of this shot. Love the closer version.


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