Ya, I know… more BEES!!

This time a beetle with a bee… larger images on sidebar Bees/Insects


Close – up


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~ by Jayleen on May 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “Ya, I know… more BEES!!”

  1. Your photos are simply amazing… you’re so good…. I wish I were you…

    edited by jayleen because I can… bwahahaha

  2. Why thank you… You’re so kind!

  3. 😉 don’t threaten me with a good time

    i’d only take you up on it 8)

    all joking aside these are really good photos . . . and plus the title of your post leads me to believe you were expecting some ribald commentary . . . or maybe i’m just guilty of transference

  4. Oh my… the power of edit… :mrgreen:

  5. ROFL

    the last guy that edited me in his comments section earned himself a post on my site of his very own

    that is funny though

    and how can i argue when it’s so true?

  6. My own post eh? 😯
    *help me, help me*

  7. yeah, don’t worry. i have a hard time being mean to pretty girls.

    hairy right wing foaming at the mouth tailpipes? not only is it not a hard time, it’s FUN

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