5-21-07 Photo Phun

Today’s Photo Phun held some surprises even for me. Now, I know most people really hate flies… and I do too, except today I had the pleasure of photographing one. They’re different when they’re not buzzing around bugging you and you’re not trying to swat them.

Here’s today’s ‘catch’ including two different kind of flies. One has a too cool pattern and the other is the typical ‘swat it!’ kind of fly, but really cool under macro. AND while fiddling in Photoshop with the one I came up with the edge mask which is a picture itself! That was the surprise.

Cool Fly

Cool Fly II

Little Purple Flowers

Don’t Swat the Fly!

Here’s the surprise one!

Holy Flies Batman!

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~ by Jayleen on May 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “5-21-07 Photo Phun”

  1. wit da flies an’ da bees yous tease

    but i ain’t fallin’ fer it, ya hear! 😉

  2. He he he… Tower of strength you are~!

  3. These look surreal. I’m so in awe. I just found (via the help section at WordPress – he was also having sidebar trouble this morning) another awesome macro photographer. Put him on my blogroll so you could go check him out and leave a post.. maybe you two could talk “shop”? He’s also talking about needing to market himself more.. maybe you both could work together? His stuff is not exactly like your stuff.

    Anyway.. two up and coming artists I’m gonna know… 😉

  4. I bet you’re talking about Michael Brown’s http://macroartinnature.wordpress.com/

    Yes, I’ve left comments there and LOVE his work. When I had a Canon 100 (before it got stolen and back when I shot film) I did some stuff like his. But he has really perfected that technique and I am not worthy. lol

    I’ll have a lens like that again. The Super Macro lens I use is almost like a microscope. It’s a bit of overkill for what I want. It’s also a bit heavy for my arm which is why I don’t use it much. It is a lot of fun though.

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