Begonia and English Daisy (Mystery no more)

Red Flower in Macro




English Daisy


~ by Jayleen on May 26, 2007.

8 Responses to “Begonia and English Daisy (Mystery no more)”

  1. i am confused.

    edited with the speed of sound… er… mail notification!

  2. 😯
    :mrgreen: -?
    😯 -don’t pressure me. i’m thinking

  3. 😯 -she did it. i can’t believe she actually did it.

    * walks away never to return *

  4. Show me a zoomed out shot with any color enhancement and I’ll take a stab at it

  5. without any enhancement, that is

    *cursed keyboard!

  6. Dusty – Yah, yah, blame the poor defenseless innocent keyboard. 😉

    Brahnamin – You’ll be back… oh yes… you’ll be back… 😯

  7. Jayleen, the two flower images aren’t showing up. They appear as blue squares with question marks.

  8. I’ve had that happen, where the files just ‘disappear’ for some reason. Really bugs me. They’re still showing on my end. Don’t know what the issue is. 😦

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