June 3rd Photo Phun

The new work is in Bees/Insects/Spiders Part 2, Flowers Part 4 and Abstracts. In CATEGORIES you can CLICK on the THUMBNAILS and see the LARGER images… in the post I can only post the smaller sized images.

All but the water ones were taken with the Canon MP-E65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro Photo.




Butterfly in Macro


Bee on a Peach







~ by Jayleen on June 3, 2007.

5 Responses to “June 3rd Photo Phun”

  1. I love the water ones! Awesome pictures. The bigger those bees get, the more freaked out *I* get. LOL.

    And I am keeping my mouth shut but I know darn well brahnamin is going to post something you’re going to have to edit about one of these pictures.

    Seriously though… the water ones are cool. I love those “milk droplet into the coffee” type pictures.

  2. Well, in this forum he gets his big chance to exercise restraint… bwahahahahaa…
    OR, I get to edit to my heart’s content…

  3. Those are incredible pictures. You do magnificent work. I just now found your site.

  4. Thank you! I often add things daily. So keep tuning in!

  5. I particularly love the image of the fly (blue-bottle? green-bottle?)Stunning!

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