6/23 Photo Phun from Solana Beach Part II

Daisy in Pink


It’s Purple

Yellow Flowers

Magenta Flower

(Caryophyllaceae) Lychnis coronaria

Poppy Pods

Poppy Pods

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~ by Jayleen on June 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “6/23 Photo Phun from Solana Beach Part II”

  1. I think the pods would make a great series that would look really awesome in a kitchen or dining area. You should colorize them in sets… like pick a color and do three different portions of the photo to be displayed as a set. Or use the same portion of the photo but in three depths of the same color… something like that.

  2. Let me interpret and you tell me if I ‘got it’…

    Take a series of say three different photos of the pods… colorize to match and make them like a triptyque? As in three prints in the set colorized to match or three depths of the same color?

    OR did you mean to colorize this one photo and then print it in sections to be a set…?

  3. Both ideas actually. I see a lot of commercial potential in that photo.

    Whatever your mood says to do first… that!

    I think they’d be great any of those ways.

  4. What is the name of this flower on you photo phun II page?

    Thanks, Brian

  5. A species of pink (Caryophyllaceae) Lychnis coronaria. 😀

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