Horse Day at Orman Ranch

Anyone coming through the Crescent City, CA area and wanting to camp should stay here at Orman Ranch. They don’t advertise much, but it’s a great place!

At the 4th of July Art Fair someone requested Horse and Cow Photos… so today, I have some of each, courtesy of the Orman Ranch. All the flowers from yesterday and all these today were taken at the Ranch just a hop, skip from my tent. And no, there is no fly problem or smell. And they have great showers! đŸ™‚






I love horse’s eyes. They have so much soul and are so expressive. Look at these gorgeous eyes of these wonderful creatures…




And here is a newborn calf and its Mom…. Ahhhhhh… how cute!


Newborn Calf & Mother

That’s all the time for today. I still have a zillion more… lol But having to work from a Coffee House is tiring…


~ by Jayleen on July 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Horse Day at Orman Ranch”

  1. OH my god horse and cow…those shots are tremendous…thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you! I’d say something on your blog, but I speaketh not Frencheth… I took a year of it in college, but hey, who remembers what they took in college?

    Merci boucoup? (I’m showing my ignorant side here, I’m sure…)

  3. I love the closeup eye pics and horses in general.

  4. Thank you. I took a peek at your work and love it. You’re very talented!

    And I love your horse avitar, very cool…

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