Photo Phun

Have you ever walked down the beach and seen the ‘Sand Trees’ that the water makes as it drains toward the ocean? I love them, they look like little forests or just lone trees. Here is one with a piece of seaweed at the root…

 Sand Tree

Beautiful sunset…


Sun through the grasses as sun goes down…




And a panorama of Castle Rock…. This would actually print HUGE, but of course on here… it’s itty bitty… sorry, but you can use your imagination.



~ by Jayleen on July 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Photo Phun”

  1. I’ve never noticed the sand trees. Interesting. Nice photos.

  2. The sun ones are just awesome sis. If I get rich, my house is gonna be brimming over with Brentlingers. I love #2, #3 and #4 the most.

    But you know.. the dogs (on your personal blog) running on the beach could have appeal to some people also. I can see some boy, much like my own 11 year old, wanting one for his room.

    And the surf in them could be cropped into something also.

    Howeva… it’s *very* good to see you back posting photos.

  3. Ah thanks. Well, maybe I’ll take a second look at the dog ones and post them in a category like I did my cats. I do really love the one of the dogs running and looking at each other. It’s just a cool and fun shot.

    I’ve spent two tons of time preparing and printing all those so all my internet cafe time has been spent like that. Today I’m here just to play! And blog and read. So see ya on Fracas!

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