Best of Show – Prize $1000.00

My Photo Dalia Meditation won in my first Juried Photo Competition.

The Story of the Dahlia:

I was on a mission to Wal-Mart to pick up my prescriptions one day a year ago May sometime and when I’m in a hurry I go through the nursery entrance to gaze at the flowers and pretty plants.

But that day I was in a hurry and remember just marching, eyes focused on the door. And even in that mode something pretty and pink caught my eye off to the right. Way to the right. It was the Dahlia plant over in the parking area with its pretty wild hairdo just pulling me like a magnet. You know how you glance and then turn back and then your head just snaps around back to whatever caught your eye.  Yes, Brahnamin, just like every time you see your beautiful wife.

At that time I didn’t even have two nickles to my name. My friend Ron had brought me so I went and lookied at the flower, then went in and got my prescriptions.  I then went back to the car and stated, “You’re buying me a flower plant. It’s only $6.00.”

So we went and looked at it and he agreed to buy the plant (acting like he had a choice of some sort, but hey, that’s what you make them think).

I took it home and did my magic (several hours worth as I recall) and it has been my best seller and won last year’s Fair and now this. This piece is 40″ x 40″ printed on canvas and I must say, makes one IMPACT when viewed in person.

It won my my first Jurried Competition in Photography. And it was described to me that the three judges walked through all the entries, went straight back to mine and set it aside as Best in Show and then went about judging the rest of the show and eliminating photos. The announcer called it the “DUH winner.” It was only “duh” to everyone else. I was worried and trying not to get my hopes up. What’s amazing to me is this image is hardly ever looked at on my Photo Site. It just doesn’t impact this small. lol

So please click the THUMBNAIL to really see this beauty.

Dahlia Meditation

Dahlia Meditation

Purchased at Wal-Mart for $6.00

~ by Jayleen on August 6, 2007.

7 Responses to “Best of Show – Prize $1000.00”

  1. Beautiful, and congratulations!

  2. That is one beautiful flower… WOW

    absolutley gorgeous

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  4. Exquisite!

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