Photo Phun for August 24th…

What a nice day it is today. The Harbor is blanketed in a beautiful layer of fog.

Water Lilly Dahlia

Rightside Up this time…

Water Lilly Dahlia Rightside Up

Check out this goofy dog… he’s carrying a BRANCH, not a stick… lol

Rover and the Really Big Stick

And here are some of those cute little Sandpipers. They are so small…

Sand Pipers 3

Sand Pipers 4

And a rock with seaweed on it. The bright colors are actually algae growing on it.

Ocean Rock with Seaweed

~ by Jayleen on August 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Photo Phun for August 24th…”

  1. the flowers are gorgeous!! the colours are divine!

  2. Divine yes! I love those flowers, what are they lotus?

  3. The flower is actually a Dahlia. It’s called a Water Lily Dahlia because it looks like a Lotus (lily pond) Flower.

    I’m becoming quite a Dahlia fan…

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