Photo Phun for Oct 5th


Smith Harbor


Softly Dahlia


~ by Jayleen on October 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Photo Phun for Oct 5th”

  1. The last two are fraccing awesome. They’d look great on t-shirts too!

    You are (as Mr. Deeds would say) wicked talented. I’m also picturing that last one done up gigantic, and on the wall in some big fancy building. A show stopper.

  2. Why thank you… That is from the same Dahlia plant that my Best in Show Photo is. I just did a different technique with this one. The funny thing is, that this plant has never produced another bloom quite like that first one. Those petals grew out and back and winded around in circles and all. These petals still twirl and are awesome but they come out more.

    I love your comments, they give me a hint as to which ones to print first. 🙂

  3. Ok.. the colored one I would so wear on a shirt. I think it’s really great. The last one for sure is wall art but each time I load this page, the colors of the second last one draw me in. I bet you could create shirts at cafepress or somewhere with that one, and they’d sell!

    If you do.. tell me and I’ll write a post about it for exposure for you. It would be a fantastic shirt.

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