Photo Phun for Nov 20th

This is a fun one for me because I found this disk with a lot of my older work on it.

I’ll start with these cuties! Go ahead, you know you wanna say it… AHHHhhhhhhhhhhh

Ducklings Three

This is my old Rooster. His name was Chicken… and he was totally devoted to me! Each morning when I’d open my blinds he’d come running from wherever he was and skid into the window and then do his ‘rooster dance.’ He followed me everywhere and sat in my lap and I’d pet him. He was too much. I never knew chickens had that kind of personality. He was a Minorca. Here he is… isn’t he handsome?


And this was one of my birds. I could spend hours telling of the hilarious antics of this little guy. He was my ‘Sweetie Bug’ and loved to have me kiss his head every morning. He’d scramble out of his cage and run in circles and then stretch his head up in the air for me to kiss the top of it while he made kissing sounds. I miss him! For those of you with birds…. never ever use Teflon cookware!! He died from the fumes of that after I moved into a friend’s house to recover from surgery. I forgot to tell her not to use that… it sends them into respiratory arrest and they die before you can get them help.

Leonardo Di Scooter

This is my nieces cat Frosting.


Now for a photo from my old Arizona backyard. A dove in Cholla Cactus. Prickly situation!

 Dove Nesting in Cholla Cactus

And now for some flowers from my garden in Arizona.

Ruffly Pink Rose

Ruffly Pink Rose

Pink Rose in Field of Daisies

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~ by Jayleen on November 20, 2007.

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  2. beautiful beautiful work!

  3. Thank you ‘Olga’! 😉

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