Fuel My Blog Contest Entry

My name is Jezah and I am a cat. A cat with six toes no less. Which makes me extra special.


Am I cute, or what???

I own a human named Jayleen. I know she wanted to enter this contest, but knowing her she won’t get around to it, so I’m entering it for her.

So first I clicked the LAGA HANDBAGS   link and found a great travel bag that would enable my human to carry me around in style. And it seems to be for a good cause, helping to rebuild lives one handbag at a time. Those cats over there need their humans to earn a decent living to feed and care for them properly.

Then I clicked over to The Mad Roaster  to see if either of those two ‘cats’ in the photo were my relatives, but the link won’t open and I’ve tried for three days now. My human doesn’t drink coffee, but I’ve seen her secretly sniff the aroma while walking past the coffee aisle in the grocery store. As a cat, I can appreciate that. We like to sniff things too, but just seem to like to sniff different things than humans do.

So I clicked on over to Peter G. Candles  because my human seems to like those smelly things. I don’t understand for the life of me why she always wants to get rid of my cat box odor, but humans are very strange. She doesn’t seem to like having my charming tushy in her face either which is another odd quirk about humans. We cats will never understand them! But she’s been very prompt with my catnip and treats so I decided to help her out.

So I then read about Tub Truffles (who are not online yet, but you can read about them HERE ) and am beginning to wonder if I really want to own a human after all! Intentionally getting wet?!? You humans do that on purpose?!? And then add ‘mud’ and ‘raindrops’ to it… mud is strange enough, but isn’t it a little superfluous to add ‘raindrops’ to a BATH? I’ll stick to licking myself all over 20 times a day to keep clean and leave the baths to humans! But knowing my human like I do, I know she would love that stuff… and at least now I understand I don’t need to keep trying to rescue her from that water she’s always getting into because she’s doing it ON PURPOSE! I’ll get over the shock eventually. Humans can be cute and useful pets but sometimes SO disgusting.

And FINALLY I clicked onto a site I actually LIKED and could actually sink my claws into. Seokats! What human wouldn’t want to be more catlike? Those mittens are definitely the cat’s meow! They would be just purrfect for my human!

So in closing, I’d really appreciate your choosing my human, Jayleen, to win your contest as she is a very well-trained human and obeys most of my commands. Even though she sometimes grabs me and ^kisses* me, UGH… she says it’s my *job*… JOB? *Cats* don’t have *jobs*. But I suffer the indignity because she is so good with most other things. So I would like her to win the book and these other things that would make her very happy. I’ve tried to bring her gifts like dead mice and giant Arizona sewer roaches, but all she does is scream and faint when I drop them in her lap. The ingratitude! So I think these gifts would be much better.

Here is another photo of me I know you will all like… since I’ve taken over her blog for this post… 

Jezah 2

Thank you for your kind consideration. Now pick my human to win or I’ll use all six of my claws on you!

MROW! To vote for Jayleen, (and you can vote once per day up until Christmas day!!) click this Fuel My Blog button  It’s free and they don’t spam you or sell your info or anything!

~ by Jayleen on December 13, 2007.

9 Responses to “Fuel My Blog Contest Entry”

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  2. I looooove your entry, will fuel you right now!

  3. […] you join like Jayleen does with a lovely entry and lovely pictures like so: Picture art from Jayleen Brentlinger […]

  4. Um linda.. it was the cat that wrote this you silly.

    I’m voting for her too. The cat I mean. I just hope she shares the prize with Jayleen.

    But holy frac… I was going to leave comments about her photographs and then I realized I’d be here all night. There are too many truly awesome photos here. I’m floored.

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  6. Fraccy…. I was assuming the cat was a GIRL. Because we KNOW boys can’t spell! Hmpfff. Sisters.

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  8. I live to troll people’s sites and spam them with stupid ads. Maybe if I had any talent of my own or a life I wouldn’t resort to doing this.

  9. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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