Moon with Halo

Sometimes doing everyday mundane things leads to nice photographs. I remembered to take my trash out a couple of weeks ago at night and was blessed to see this beautiful moon out. And I apologize for my name having to be plastered in the middle of it, but there are so many internet THIEVES out there that steal other people’s photos and claim them for their own. They also steal entire posts which is why I include my email addy as a graphic in all my posts. Most people give credit or a trackback and that is nice and I like it when people do that, but others just take it. Anyhooo…

Moon with Halo

Then I got a shot of a more detailed moon and took one of the Heron in flight photos and Photoshopped it.

Moon with Blue Heron

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~ by Jayleen on February 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “Moon with Halo”

  1. Very good work. I really enjoyed your photography

  2. Wow… thank you for the tour of the world! I like to visit the blogs of my visitors and yours was one of the funnest because it led me to many different places in the world through photographs. I even found myself looking at a map of a tiny little German town I lived in for a short time in the late 80’s. Longkamp, Germany. What a rush of memories.

    I took a Greek class for a semester, but haven’t retained much because I don’t use it. But I enjoyed your Athens photos. I’m so glad you stopped by and left a comment.


  3. Peace be upon you Jayleen–

    The heron and the moon are a curious mix. I think its quite original. Here is a full moon tonight in the foggy sky. Did it just happen to a heron, or is it symbolic of anything?

    Kind regards,

    Dont be sad

  4. There is a total lunar eclipse tonight. I am hoping the sky remains clear so I can photograph it.

    In regards to the heron it was simple coincidence that I had taken a bunch of heron shots and had one flying. That night I took the Moon shots so while reviewing the days shots I just decided to place the heron in flight in front of the moon. Sometimes I don’t know why I do things, I just do them. lol

    PS – Feel free to use my images in your posts if you find something that would go with one of your posts. Just provide credit with a link to my blog.

    Have a glorious day. 🙂

  5. Peace be upon you Jayleen–

    Thank you for responding to my comment. Thank you for mentioning the eclipse– I think it will also be occurring this parts after I looked it up– but its too foggy and cloudy to observe.

    Perhaps if you catch a glimpse I might be able to see it.

    Time zones are curious– here (Britain) the day is all but over and the night has set in (22:17).

    Also good of you to offer to use your photographs. If I happen upon something suitable I’ll drop you a link.

    Dont be sad

  6. The clouds rolled in just when the moon was due to rise. 😦

    It happens that way sometimes. And I can’t be sad so I won’t be. 🙂

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