Photo Phun for Feb 13th

Salmon Harbor on a gorgeous day 

Salmon Harbor

Black and White version

Salmon Harbor Black and White

Feather floating in the water

Feather on Water

Black and White version

Feather on Water in Black and White

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~ by Jayleen on February 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Photo Phun for Feb 13th”

  1. Jayleen,

    I love the photo of the feather floating on water. Feathers have a geat significance in my life. After my beloved father died of cancer I was very distraught and heart broken – and on several occasions pleaded for him to show me that he was well (in deathe) – each time a tiny white feather floated to the groudn near where I was. I felt sure it was a sign from him.

    I later did some research – and found that feathers are believed to be the sacred universal symbol of flight within the spirit world and serve as messenger.

  2. I’m glad I posted something meaningful for you. I know that your father still lives. And our Father in heaven loves both of you very much.

    I’m facinated by feathers, but mostly little white ones. They are so delicate and soft.

    Thank you for your beautiful comment. 🙂

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