Motorcycle Ride Pin I designed

Back when I used to have and ride a Harley I designed a ride pin for Thunder By the Water which is a big yearly gathering for Harley enthusiasts in Arizona.

Ride pin entry 1:

 Ride Pin Design 1

The bikers congregate at Canyon Lake which is east of Apache Junction, AZ. I entered both of these in the contest for the ride pin design and the pig was chosen. There were also many other entries. Keep in mind the design has to be few colors and solid because it has to be made into a pin.

The winning entry:

Thunder By the Water 2000 ride pin

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~ by Jayleen on March 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Motorcycle Ride Pin I designed”

  1. We are having an event January 11th and was wondering if you might make pins. The Blessing of the Bikes. I have one from somewhere that you can hang a pin underneath of that pin and we could buy the date for each event. This is our second. Do one pin and then 2008 and 2009 that hangs on it. Can you help?

    I would love to have our logo with the Blessing of the Bikes on the pin as well.

  2. Answered via e-mail. Thanks!

  3. we are having a poker run in the month of september and we where wondering if you could make a pins for our first poker run. what i am looking for is to have a pins made with our logo on it with this years date on it and then purchase just the next years date on it to hang underneth it. can you help us with that? please conmtact me if you can help us with this.

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