Beware of Scammer Camera Stores

And beware of sites that SCRAPE other people’s posts instead of writing their own in hopes of getting you to click on their ads. This post has been scraped several times now, all by flagrant scraping sites. If you’re not reading this on do me a favor and don’t click their links. They are trying to make money on other people’s blog posts without compesating the writers. Jerks.

If the price seems too good to be true… It probably is. In November of 2006 when I purchased my Canon Digital Rebel xti I searched the web for a good price since I had a tight budget. I found a place (can’t even remember the name now, but I’m sure they’re long gone) that advertised a very low price. So I figured I would buy the body only and get the lens elsewhere. I ‘researched’ the company and in one of those shopper comparisons it was given 5 stars and had lots of reviews. Great. So I ordered happy I had found such a great deal..

Later that day I got an email telling me the order didn’t go through and I needed to call them. So I did. The ‘salesman’ tried to get me to add everything under the sun to my order at prices that were outlandish. I repeatedly told him I only wanted the camera body. He assured me the order would be processed.

Two days later, I got another email telling me the order had not been processed. Same thing happened. Only this time I was told, after refusing all the extras, that if I bought only the camera body, it would not have a warranty or a battery. Say huh? AND it would take 6 weeks to ship it to me. He got really nasty with me too when I inquired how any new camera would not come with a basic warranty (can you say gray market?). I had already had uneasy feelings and that really told me they were a scam. So I cancelled the order and called Canon to report them. Canon explained that these places open up on one corner, rip off as many people as they can and then move. They were not authorized dealers (surprise, surprise) and they thanked me for the heads up.

I thought that would be the end. But I got a call later that day from my bank asking me if I was attempting to purchase an airline ticket to Paris, France. No, I hadn’t. Needless to say I had to close that card out and open a new one. Now, I can’t say for sure it was that slimeball from that shady camera place, but what a coincidence since he told me I’d be ‘sorry’ when I cancelled my order.

How they got the 5-star rating I’ll never know. But I found a site to register complaints and they had plenty of them. I’m writing this for two reasons. I’ve added an affiliate to my blog and that reminded me of this experience. My affiliate is one that I have done much business with and has always been a good company to deal with. I learned my lesson and hope to help as many of you avoid a similar experience by shopping with a reputable company that has been in business for years. I’ve purchased a lot of equipment in the past and these folks are the ones I’ve chosen to affiliate with. I don’t want to mention their name in the same post with the experience with the jackels.

And yes, if you purchase through them buy clicking through from my site, I will make a little bit of money. So check them out and I’ll be posting reviews soon on the equipment I currently use and why, and other equipment I’ll be testing soon. 🙂


~ by Jayleen on March 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Beware of Scammer Camera Stores”


    Those Brooklyn (and other NY camera shops) are NOTORIOUS for that kind of crap.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up!
    I sort of knew about these characters; key words being ‘sort of’.
    We have to be careful when buying on the internet.

    “Guided by the Ancestors”

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