Pink Daisy


~ by Jayleen on May 7, 2008.

8 Responses to “Pink Daisy”

  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this one so much!

  2. Love the soft pinkness!

  3. Everyone in town it seems knows my work and everywhere I go people hand me flowers to photograph. This one is from my Chiropractors office. I have my work hanging there so on my way out one of the office gals let me snip one. 🙂

    I shot it with a looooong exposure in very dim light. Then of course brightened it up a bit in Photoshop.


  4. This is gorgeous! I really like it.

  5. Hello, I have been in to see Dr. Rob and yes your photos are awsome! Your work is eye candy! My kids loved the crab.

  6. one of your best

  7. Talent will out – and yours has! Fabulous.

  8. it so beatiful i do art and i think that would be a lovely picture to draw you’ve really captured the colour

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