Swallow and Babies

Close-up of middle baby… Go ahead, I know you wanna say it:


Feed us!!

 More Bugs please…

If you’ve ever watched a Swallow nest you know it only takes about one second for the mother Swallow to swoop in and feed her little ones. She brings one bug at a time to one chick at a time! So it takes patience and good timing! Especially since I had to use a flash which makes continuous shooting not an option.

Remember Monty Python and the Swallows? Youtube link below. hehe




~ by Jayleen on June 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “Swallow and Babies”

  1. Awwwwwwww! 🙂

  2. Adorable photographs!

    And I’m a life time fan of Monty Python. I really enjoyed re-watching the swallow sketch. Hilarious. I’d forgotten how good it is. Don’t you just love the stupidity of it. Sometimes I think the World must think we English are quite mad! LOL!

  3. Great photos! You’ve got much more patience than I.

    And that clip is CLASSIC! I’m a huge fan of Monty Python…just rewatched Giant Mr. Creosote explode in the restaurant a few days ago – it simply NEVER gets old!

  4. Great shots!!

  5. Adam – I knew you would especially like these little cuties.

    Rev – I can watch that clip over and over and just laugh myself silly. You’re right, it never gets old.

    Author – I love the English humor… or humour as you Brits might spell it. I have Netflix and watch lots of classic movies online, but have found a new favorite genre. The BBC miniseries and TV shows.

    I am currently watching a BBC TV series called Ballykissangel. Really fun! I’ve watched a bunch of BBC stuff. My favorite movie, Jane Eyre, is the BBC version with Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clark. And I’ve always loved Monty Python. I don’t think you’re quite mad. Funny, but not mad. 😆

    Dusty! Good to see you here and thanks! These little guys are almost as cute as you’re grandson. 😉

  6. That last shot is the best one for sure. Thanks for sending me here to see them. 😉 You’re one awesome photographer.

  7. We have two baby swallows to check.

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