Peach Flowers on Silver Rocks (Seathrift aka Sea Pink)


Peach Flowers on Silver Rocks

I’m not going to change the name to ‘Dead Sea Pink on Silver Rocks’. 😆

This is an oldie, but I realized I have never posted it in its own post. This is a popular seller at shows and Markets. These little flowers were growing on top of a huge rock on the beach. It was a foggy day which really made a nice contrast to the jagged rocks.

If anyone knows what these flowers are, please add a comment so I’ll know! Thanks!

Thanks again Adam Paul! Hold the phone…

Click this and notice the ‘bud’ that is about to open and it is peach. I’ve searched all my shots of these little pretties and none are pink. And they aren’t dead. ‘He’s not dead!’ Screamed Pippin.

Okay Adam, I went back to the same beach and found them on the same rock only two and a half weeks earlier than two years ago when I took these. And there is indeed some pink left. See the new post Seathrift.

  <—- CLICK!

They are dead!! But dead becomes them!

~ by Jayleen on June 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Peach Flowers on Silver Rocks (Seathrift aka Sea Pink)”

  1. Love this photo. It is so symbolic. It’s about true grit, determination, surviving against the odds AND still looking beautiful despite the hardship!

    No wonder it sells well.

  2. Looks like dried-out Seathrift AKA Sea Pink to me. Great photo!

  3. Adam – I think you got it again! I found this link and it looks spot on.. but I didn’t know it was dead. LOL Oh well, it’s still pretty. And I think the peach is better for the overall photo.

    Well, you did it again! I’m doing the snoopy dance! 😀

    Author – Very nice analogy. I like it! 🙂

  4. Well, you could always call it “Sea Pink gone-to-seed” rather than “Dead Sea Pink” 🙂

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