Raynox DCR 250

I can’t imagine I didn’t know this little lens attachment existed before now. But I discovered it on Flickr and had to have one because, well, I LOVE Macro and it’s SO Inexpensive. So expect to see lots more Macros while I play with my new toy.

First Shot:

Focusing takes some getting used to as the Canon MP e 65 did.

Because Super Macro lenses have a very narrow depth of field. Which means only one section of the photo will be in focus and the rest will have a blur (the out of focus areas) which is called Bokeh. The aim is to use Bokeh artistically. As expected this lens attachment doesn’t have as smooth of a bokeh as the Canon MP e 65, but then it doesn’t cost $850.oo either. It only cost between $54 and $59 depending on where you buy it. The other plus for me is how lighweight it is! It attaches to the end of your existing lens with a clip on adapter. The Canon MP e 65 is a heavy lens and with my disabilities in my hands I simply can’t hold it up any more. So this little Raynox is the happy solution. The images are razor sharp within the area of focus. It is working well with my zoom lens.


~ by Jayleen on July 20, 2008.

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