I’ll Race Ya!

Oh look! It’s got a glint in its eye… Uh, where’s its eye anyway?


~ by Jayleen on July 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “I’ll Race Ya!”

  1. Have you ever wanted more depth of field on these little guys?

  2. The Super Macro lenses have a shallow depth of field so I’ve learned to work with it to try to get what I really want sharp, and the rest a nice bokeh. And this particular shot I really like the way it is. Larger you can see the sparkles on his wet back body. But I’d also like it if the whole of him (her?) was sharp!

    But yes, I do wish sometimes that there was a Super Macro (affordable) that could get the whole image sharp as a tack! And yes, these slugs are actually quite pretty enlarged.

    Sometimes I cheat a little with and take several shots each with a different part in focus and then lay them on top in Photoshop and blend them. But that only works for tripod stationary shots. And even though slugs are slow, they are very squirmy.

    I’ve heard there’s a new lens coming out that will automatically take the shot in 6 different focal ranges and then you can choose in the software which you like best or it will blend them for you to pick up the well focused part of all. Amazing eh? Probably not a Super Macro though!

    There’s my very long answer to a short question. lol

  3. I had a really good link for you to look at, but unfortunately it has been removed from the web. The pictures were from a Fuji super zoom camera that had macro like capability. The camera uses a smaller sensor than the typical DSLR, consequently the depth of field was much better. In any event using smaller sensors is something to think about for macro shots.

  4. And he climbed up on a turtle’s back and shouted,

    “Whoa!!! Slow down!!”

  5. LOL Dusty. I can see the wind bending his little eye stems back now as they race through the underbrush. A snail’s carnival ride.

    rvewong – I have a hard enough time carrying my one camera, let alone two. 😉 I guess for now there’s always a tradeoff. Maybe some day they’ll have the perfect camera that does it all and sells for $50 bucks.

  6. This is beautiful!

  7. Thank you. 🙂

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