Dahlia Meditation – Painted Version

Dahlia Meditation in Blue

Dahlia Meditation in Pink

These are digitally painted versions of  this original photograph. Once painted I can then change the hue/saturation to any color range I want. I did these a while back and didn’t realize I had never posted them.

Dahlia Meditation

~ by Jayleen on January 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dahlia Meditation – Painted Version”

  1. Underscore Mike is a Daddy now.
    I guess you know what that means I am

  2. Yes, you’re a Dusty Grandpa again! Another one fresh from heaven. Congrats to all of you.

  3. i do very much the things u made for,and its been my favourite color u make up wit this beutiful flower……don mind tat i will show this desirable art….?

  4. As Georgia O’Keefe used to say:
    “Sometimes a flower is just a flower.”

  5. To most people Vlad, flowers are just flowers… something to ponder.

    Hope you and you little one (or not so little one by now) are well and thriving. The tarantula too!


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