Abstract 2149     Abstract 2153     Abstract 2162

Abstract 2164     Abstract 2166     Abstract 2172

Abstract 2179     Abstract 2167

_mg_2312wc.jpg     _mg_2320.jpg     _mg_2446.jpg

_mg_2482.jpg     _mg_2483.jpg


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4 Responses to “Abstracts”

  1. awesomE pikchurs! :mrgreen:

    *edited by jayleen :: becausE i kan! 😉

  2. seriously, they are pretty cool. 8)

  3. LOL! Self-editing, I like it… LOL ‘Cept you make me look like I can’t spel gud… 😯
    Thanks! I had fun taking those.

  4. WOW!! love your stuff!!

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