California Brown Pelicans

Click on the thumbnails to see images… I have so many photos of California Brown Pelicans, they get their own page!

     pismopelican3.jpg     pelicans1217-033.jpg

pelicans1217-024.jpg    pelicans1217-027.jpg     pelicans1217-023.jpg

_mg_0248.jpg     _mg_0273.jpg    

     Pismo Pelican Rock


5 Responses to “California Brown Pelicans”

  1. What A wonderful Collection and a Talented Woman

  2. Why thank you. And I didn’t think anyone else was up this late. 😉

  3. My name is Jayleen too in never knew someone that had my name and spelled it the ssame way!!!!!!!!! KOOL!!!

  4. Hey! That is *my* name and you shall return it at once!! 😉

    Just kidding! My parents named me after my father whose name is Jayson. They added the ‘leen’ to make it female… but my mother’s name doesn’t end in a ‘leen’ of any sort. LOL

    How did your parents select Jayleen? I’ve only met one other that was spelled the same, and only a few others who all had various spellings. Interesting! Welcome to my Photo blog!

  5. they selected jayleen from my dead uncle people used to call him Jay so my mom wanted my name to have Jay in it so she was naming a whole bunck of name Jaykeen, Jaybeen, the she came to Jayleen and she loved that name.

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