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_mg_0162.jpg     gallery-work-014.jpg     _mg_0063.jpg

  Dune Grass 2    Pelican Rock at Pismo Beach     Castle Rock

Pismo Pelican Rock     Salmon Harbor     Salmon Harbor Black and White

Castle Rock Through Driftwood


6 Responses to “Landscapes/Seascapes”

  1. We talked about images of the desert. You said something about a cactus at sunset. Do you have any desert photos?

  2. Yes I do Liz. I know I have a few available to this computer. I’ll post them. It may take a day or so for me to find the disks they are on. But I need to do it so that will be a good thing.

    Say hi to a cactus for me! But not too close! 😉

  3. The “Pelican Rock” images are quite intriguing, especially the first one. Love your work!

  4. Thank you!

    I loved my stay in Pismo Beach and had lots of fun photographing the pelicans!

  5. your images are beautiful

  6. Thank you. Good to see the FMB folks browsing around. 🙂

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