Motorcycle Art (also Helicopter)

Who Says Hogs Don’t Go to Heaven     Custom Bike in a Sunset     Ride the Clouds


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12 Responses to “Motorcycle Art (also Helicopter)”

  1. These are beautiful. Can I get something like this done for my website at

  2. Email me the specifics of what kind of graphics you’re looking for and I’ll let you know what I can do.

    And thank you! 🙂

  3. Hi

    I am a first time biker and i am looking to create a biker batch.
    i am trying to get a bike riding into clouds , in the clouds i plan on putting names of my past relitaves.( mom, pepe and meme, and brother). I am trying to have the bike enpty riding into the clouds and was hoping to have wings on each side.

    can you help me.

    I could pay you if needed

    thanks again

    Steven grant

  4. Love the bike art. I’m looking for a picture of a Touring Harley riding into the heavens with a crescent moon in the shot. Coould you do something like that? I want to have it air brushed in my bike trailer. Something similar to your “Who Say’s Hogs Don’t go to Heaven”

  5. My Daddy was looking for motorcycle wallpaper for his computer and he could find one he like and I told him I will find wallpaper for you and you will like and saw this man ride motorcycle and I could believe how much man in art photo look like Daddy. Man in art photo could be my Daddy twin brother and soooo scary and I know never met my Daddy be in your mine you came up with this. My Daddy,Mum,Brother,Sis,Auntie will be soooo shock see this and my family know will love this art photo and want to make it poster and put it up in there bedroom. I just love this art photo and thank for do this. From,Josie

  6. Just heard of Jayleen’s passing from her brother. We were childhood friends in Northern Wisconsin. I would like to purchase some artwork if it is still available. Please reply. Thank you. Jona

  7. Just informed of Jayleen’s death on April 5, 2012. We were friends in Arizona. I am in shock. A beautiful soul is gone.

    • I had lost contact with Jayleen in 2011. Just came across this yesterday. If anyone who had info could contact me I’d appreciate it. We were close friends 1979-84 in Missouri. Reach me at : sad heart today, Annette

  8. I too have just found out in searching for Jayleen my old childhood friend from Arizona that she has passed. I’m in such shock!! I just got back in touch with her a few years ago. If any of her family mother, brother or father could please reach out to me I would so appreciate it!! I can be reached @ She was my dear, creative and loving friend!!! And I will miss her always and hold all my memories of the fun we had together close . Teresa Klarfeld

  9. Love your Harley in the clouds! Wondering if I can buy a print?

  10. Question- could I get The print “Who says all hogs don’t go to heaven” personalized? Our family friend just passed away and his hobby was biking. I would like to purchase this in a picture frame for them but make it personal. Let me know- Thanks

  11. Hi, my father recently died in a motorcycle accident. Ann’s I seen your art, which had been comforting. Wounding where I get a print.
    Thank you

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