Yellow Iris

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_mg_1066.jpg     _mg_1067.jpg     _mg_1072.jpg

_mg_1086.jpg     _mg_1087.jpg     _mg_1089.jpg

_mg_1104.jpg     _mg_1072b.jpg


4 Responses to “Yellow Iris”

  1. The iris is one of my favorites. This bright yellow is beautiful!

  2. these images are lovely – is your work for sale?

  3. Thank you! And yes, I sell my work on-line (see sidebar category ‘AAA Price List’) and also at Art Shows and the Farmer’s Market here in my home town. Hopefully soon I’ll have a real ‘shopping cart’ and take credit cards and everything. It’s in the works. But for now, it’s snail mail, checks and email… lol

    Hopefully soon it will be much more convenient! See the price list and then send an email with which image you’d like to purchase. I’ll send you the address to mail check to, etc.

    The reason for it being this difficult is that WordPress doesn’t allow direct sales on their blogs and I didn’t realize that until AFTER I had uploaded tons of images and set up the pages, etc. And I’m not computer literate enough to set up a shopping cart and all, and I don’t have the time. BUT… I have found someone who is going to do just that.


  4. Awesome for you sis! I know you’re going to do well at it. Are you setting up your own domain for the shopping cart and stuff, or will you keep that at the blogspot page too?

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